Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois is interested in working with industry partners on a wide range of opportunities. Atmospheric Sciences is the home of leading scientists and award-winning lecturers that will help students along their educational journey. As one of the nation’s top public research universities, we have extensive resources, enabling our students to learn the skills needed within the weather and climate risk areas. We are using those resources to expand that reach with the Online Master’s and Certificate programs in Weather and Climate Risk and Data Analytics.
Most students in this program are non-traditional students already working in a professional role within the atmospheric sciences field. These students are looking to advance to a higher level within an organization as well as add to their skillset in the highly technical field that is ever-changing. Collaboration and interaction with other professionals are often noted by online students as a highly desired aspect of pursuing an advanced degree.

Engagement Opportunities

There are many opportunities for companies/organizations to engage with outstanding students and Illinois faculty from the online programs, while potentially recruiting some of the top students in their field. These include but are not limited to:
Please contact Online Programs Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Alicia Klees or SESE Online Program Coordinator, Heather Miller for more information on these opportunities.

Employee Education Opportunities

Many organizations understand the need to advance the education of their staff/teams and we would like to work with you! Opportunities exist for companies/organizations to send a cohort of existing employees through the certificate or Master’s degree programs (a MOU is executed for the partnership) at a negotiated rate based upon the number of employees in the cohort. This would be an alternative to the employee reimbursement program your organization may already offer.
Corporate partners are invited to contact the program directly or with Tracy Parish, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations in the College of LAS, to learn more about this type of experience for existing employees interested in going through the program.